Each lounge chair has a built-in wireless buzzer that calls our waiters and waitresses so you can have your favorite sandwich or drink without ever interrupting your relaxation.


Sophistication is the one word we would like to describe our bar. It is dimly lit, and small amount of light reflects on them and it gives this wonderful iridescent glow that will make your drinks memorable.


A BoutiqueHotel without a chic and in-demand restaurant would be unthinkable—this one has two, the tried-and-true Asia de Cuba and the newcomer Tuscan Steak, which is exactly what it sounds like, except for the Tuscan part.


Our spa is to die for. Nothing rivals the quietness of our spas. Once you enter you will feel the quiet zen-full ambiance. Your senses will detect peace, and harmony. The fragrance of lavender pervades the air and will lull your thoughts into relaxation. You will not want to make a noise. Our assistants will help you to whatever you need be it a foot scrub, body wrap, massage, or a dip in our steam bath Jacuzzi.


All our rooms have a modern LCD television which is connected to the local cable-tv provider, and wirelessly to a computer console. You can check your daily news straight on the television, or even surf your favorite websites. Pay-per-view shows are also available; and with BotiqueHotel, there is no need to call anyone, just watch, and we bill you if you watch for more than 30 minutes. Simple, isn’t it?


It would be annoying if you needed something and didn’t know how to get it. In any Boutique Hotel, our front desk services run 24-hours a day, everyday. This ensures that you can reach someone at any time for the measly-est of things. Our concierge will gladly help you with everything from getting a cab, or changing your flight plans.