4 or More Players

There are a lot of Filipino games that are usually played by more than 4 players. Most children would probably prefer to play these kinds of games since it is a lot more fun to play in groups. Many of these said games are played outdoors, like the given games this website will discuss, which are the following:

Also known as Haring Diego which means “try to cross the line
without letting me touch you”... Read more

In English, it means heaven and earth. This is usually played by
4 or more players and can be played anywhere... Read more

This game is the Philippine version of hide and seek. However,
this is also played in the night... Read more

This game requires a long garter (or even a chain or rubber bands
if you’re creative)... Read more

This game is also referred to as Killer Eye or Find the Killer. It is
played by 4 or more players... Read more