This game requires a long garter (or even a chain or rubber bands if you’re creative). There are two ways to play this game.

How to Play:

(First Version)

  1. The ends of a long garter are tied together creating a loop.
    Then it is stretched by two players on opposite sides. The
    height of the garter for the first level is from the ankle of the
    two players stretching the garter.
  2. Two teams are formed.
  3. The player from the first team makes his/her turn. He/ She
    goes in between the garter and jumps over each side, placing
    the garter in between his/ her legs. While the player does this,
    he/ she will count by multiples of ten.
  4. When the player reaches 100, he/ she needs to step on both
    of the garters as he/ she lands.
  5. If the player is successful, the next player from their team continues. Otherwise, it terminates their turn and the other
    team gets a turn.
  6. As each level is surpassed, the height of the garter gets higher and higher.
    • Level 1- ankles
    • Level 2- knees
    • Level 3- thighs
    • Level 4- hips
    • Level 5- waist
    • Level 6- chest
    • Level 7- shoulder
    • Level 8- head
    • Level 9- tip of the head
    • Level 10- over the head
  7. The last team who is able to surpass the highest level wins.

(Second Version)

  1. The garter is stretched by two players on opposite sides. This
    time, the ends are not tied together.
  2. The players also form teams, but their objective is to be able to successfully jump over the garter as it increases in height.
  3. In Chinese Garter, the teams have a leader who is referred to
    as the Mother. In this version, the Mother has the ability to save
    a team member if he/ she would fail to jump over the garter by taking his/ her turn.


  1. If a player fails to step on both garters (first version) or jump over the garter (second version), it terminates their team’s turn.