This is the Filipino version of the Western game, Rock, Paper, Scissors, but is actually derived from the Japanese game called “janken”. Today, it is also referred as “Bato, bato, pik”.

How to Play:

  1. The players face each other and hold up their fist in front of one another.
  2. Then they chant aloud while their fists move up and down along with
    the beat. The said chant goes:
    • Jack and Poy, hale hale joy,
      sinong matalo siyang unggoy!
  3. As the word “unggoy” is said, both players must show one of the
    three gestures: rock, paper or scissors.
    • Rock – represented by a clenched fist
    • Paper- represented by an open hand
    • Scissors- represented by the index and middle fingers which
      are extended and separated. Like a peace sign on its side.
  4. The winner receives the point.
  5. The player who is able to reach the most number of points wins the game.


  1. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, while paper beats rock.
  2. The player with the winning gesture receives the point.
  3. If both players show the same gesture, it is tied.