In English, it means heaven and earth. This is usually played by 4 or more players and can be played anywhere as long as players can stand on a second level.

How to Play:

  1. The players form a circle and chant a song in order to find out
    who the it will be. The chant goes like this:
    • Langit lupa impyerno, i-i-impyerno,
      Saksak puso puno na dugo
      Patay, buhay, umalis ka na sa pwesto mo
  2. While they chant, one player points at each player in each
    syllable. Once the chant is over, the player the finger points to
    is out of the circle. The last player left becomes the it.
  3. Once the it is determined, the game automatically begins.
  4. The it will try to tag another player if he/she is on the same
  5. If the player is on a second level, he/she is safe.
  6. If there are too many players in one safe area, the it has the
    liberty to count to three. During that time, the players in the
    said area need to leave and find another safe area. (This is
    done so that it will be fair for the person who is it).
  7. If another player is tagged, then he/she becomes it.


  1. The it cannot tag another player who is in the safe area; this means reaching for that player doesn’t count.
  2. The players can agree to implement the “walang balik-taya” rule which means you cannot tag the player who was formerly the it.