This game is also referred to as Killer Eye or Find the Killer. It is played by 4 or more players and requires small pieces of paper.

How to Play:

  1. In the pieces of paper, the player must write 1 judge, 1 killer,
    1 police, while the rest are victims.
  2. Then fold the pieces of paper, shuffle it, and toss it to the
  3. Each player must pick one piece of paper and open it once
    every one has gotten their piece.
  4. The players must then act out the role they were given.
  5. The player who gets the killer has to kill the judge. He/ She
    kills other players by winking at them when they make eye
  6. The player who gets the police has to find the killer before
    he/ she kills the judge. So he/ she will need to look out for the player winking. If he/ she catches the killer he/ she says “you
    are under arrest”.
  7. The player who gets the judge has to pretend like he/ she is
    a normal victim. If he/ she gets killed by the killer, the player
    says “game over”.
  8. Victims who are killed by the killer says “I’m


  1. If the killer kills the police, he/ she is under arrest.
  2. If the killer kills the judge before he/ she gets caught, the game is over.
  3. Victims cannot point out who the killer is.
  4. The killer cannot lie once he/ she is being questioned by the police.