Also known as Haring Diego which means “try to cross the line without letting me touch you”. It is usually played by 5-8 players. Diagram A is used for 5-6 players while diagram B is used for 8 players.

How to Play:

  1. Players toss a coin and the team on the winning side becomes
    the runners.
  2. The players who lose the coin toss take their positions and once the player in the front line claps his/her hand with one of the runners’ hand, the game begins.
  3. The runners will try to cross each line without letting the players guarding it touch them.
  4. Once a runner crosses over the last line, he/she has to make it back to the starting point in order to win the game.


  1. If any one runner is touched, it terminates the whole team’s turn.
  2. Those who guard lines which are parallel to the others can only stay on that line.
  3. The it who travels along the line perpendicular to the parallel lines has the ability to travel to any other line.