This game is the Philippine version of hide and seek. However, this is also played in the night (especially in Laguna, Cavite) to make it more challenging.

How to Play:

  1. Players determine who is it.
  2. Once that is done, the it stands in front of a tree, pillar, wall, etc. and covers his/her eyes while singing:
    • Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan
      Masarap maglaro sa dilim-diliman
      'Pag kabilang kong sampu
      Nakatago na kayo
      Isa, dalawa, ... sampu!
  3. Once the it finishes counting, he/she goes around looking for the other players.
  4. If he/she finds a player, that player needs to return to the base (where the it counted from one to ten).
  5. Once the it finds the last player, they must race back to the base. The last one to touch the base becomes the next it.


  1. The it is not allowed to peek while he/she counts and must keep his/ her eyes closed during that time.
  2. If hiders can reach the base without getting caught by the seeker, then they are safe.